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Autodesk Releases Netfabb 2017 - 3D Printing Software
Source:Autodesk | Author:LISHI | Publish time: 2017-04-18 | 788 Views | Share:
Additive manufacturing is having a profound impact on how manufacturers of all sizes look at product design, production, distribution and economies of scale. With Netfabb 2017, Autodesk has created a single set of industrial tools that help move from design to finished part quickly and easily.

Among the features included in Netfabb 2017 are:

  • The ability to quickly import and convert CAD files into editable STL files
  • Tools to edit and optimize models for 3D printing
  • Print simulation, including the ability to predict structural stresses and deformations in metal parts
  • A build support module for packing parts onto the printbed and adding support structures
  • Generative design tools for lightweighting and enhancing parts
  • An advanced toolpath engine for optimizing parts and print efficiency through parameters such as print speed, focus and laser or beam power